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Part Time Cooks Reminds Everyone To Check Out New Video "Runway"

On May 1st, the hip-hop duo Part Time Cooks asked fans on Instagram if they had seen their new music video "Runway." The video directed by Jackson Tritt, was released on April 20, on their label's (VMC/Vismajor Company) YouTube channel. It features the two rappers, Saul Goode and Black Moss spitting and singing melodic rhymes about broken relationships from "mistakes and ill-fated timing."

Part Time Cooks, is a duo that may not be getting the attention from listeners that they deserve. They are underrated. But their music is really good -- kind of old school with the flow (but different like OutKast).

The two artists are based in South Korea. According to the Part Time Cooks website, Black Moss is from Durban, South Africa and Saul Goode is from North Carolina (USA).

The song "Runway" is the fourth track from their EP "Sacrifices," which dropped on March 9th. According to their website, the EP features lyrics in English, Korean and Zulu, with "imaginative storytelling of love and loss with haunting tales of self reflection." The album also features production from 11-year-old South Korean producer/prodigy Elexven, as well as Thovo, Next Door the Stranger, and South African Scotty Soul.

The sixth track on the album is the feel good and fun song "Anneyong," which was released in January, after the two recorded a video at the airport after arriving back in Korea from a trip to Japan.

Check out the new visual, "Runway" below.

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NEW MUSIC: Kobel - "Wasted"

Independent artist Kobel has released his second double single. The South Korean singer dropped his two track "Wasted" on January 13. It includes the song "Falling Without You." Kobel says he's also going to be releasing more music more often. 

Artist AUDREY NUNA Sings About her need for "Space" in New Single Release

The feeling of drowning underwater and inner struggles, singer/rapper AUDREY NUNA delivers an emotional piece in her latest single and visual-- "Space." The Korean-American artist from New Jersey dropped her new music and official video for it, on her birthday, April 2. She co-directed the visual with Loris Russier and Khufu Najee, showing stunning scenes of turmoil. Check it out below.

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Rapper Shotta Spence Shares his Mother's Story

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Ahead of the March 5th release of his album "EVERYBODY EAT” with producer Dirty Diggs, California rapper Styliztik Jones dropped a new single --"Chandeliers," featuring South Korean rapper Dok2.  The new music hit streaming sites on February 16. A visual for the song hit social media in January. Dok2 had been out of the public eye, since last February, after leaving the label he co-founded-- 1LLIONAIRE RECORDS. After a nearly decade run, the record company shutdown officially in November of 2020.  In the collaboration with Jones, Dok2 raps... "My wave is coming/ The 808 drumming/ My pain away numbing /Just meditate f*** it/ Don't hesitate running / Evaporate the past, nobody's perfect/ Let's redecorate the last." Check out the full song below. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Styliztikjones (@styliztikjones)

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Rapper Rich Brian is back with new music. The Indonesian artist released his newest single "Sydney" on March 16. The track with a self-produced beat, includes braggadocious lyrics like: "I show my love to legends, that's why I like my own pictures."  The song is his first single of 2021, and the title; "Sydney," is in reference to where he sold out several shows during his "The Sailor Tour" in Australia in 2019. Check out the new music below.