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SONG OF THE WEEK: "Right Here, Right Now" - DPR LIVE - ft. LOCO & JAY PARK

Girl, I so want to fly with you, Maybe die with you, Maybe drown with you. While we wait on Korean-American artist Jay Park, to drop the videos that he's been working on in his hometown of Seattle... music fans in the meantime, get to see his badass side in a hot new collaboration with DPR LIVE and AOMG labelmate Loco. The track is "Right Here, Right Now." The music video is sexy, and it's just one of several music videos released recently, on the DPR LIVE / Dream Perfect Regime YouTube channel , in advance of the release of the debut EP, "Coming To You Live." The album is straight up Hip-Hop and R&B and features some of the best from the Korean scene, with songs featuring Crush, Dean, G2 and Dumbfoundead. And if you're not familiar with the artist LIVE, you might remember him from Eung Freestyle , and the collab with Sik-K, Punchnello, Owen Ovadoz and Flowsik. Remember Tyra Banks tweeted the song last year?