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Concert Watch: Crush, CL, Yuna

Mark your calendars, and start saving now, because some talented artists are preparing to hit the stage near you! If you like R&B and Hip Hop check out Crush, touring from Korea, CL who has been in the U.S. from Korea for awhile, and Yuna, making her mark from Malaysia. You may remember Yuna from her hit with Usher...                                                                            You can catch Yuna on tour in the U.S. starting September 27, 2016, in Washington, D.C. Get tickets here .   Korean rapper Chaelin Lee, better known as CL, kicks off her U.S. tour at the end of October. As the leader of kpop group 2NE1, fans had been looking forward to her solo American debut since late 2014 when it was announced it would happen, more than a year after her solo release of "The Baddest Female."                                                                     Since her first solo single, CL has worked with Diplo, Riff Raff, and OG Maco for the trap son

Another U.S. Tour in the Works for AOMG

                                                                            It was a big night for announcements at the Show Me The Money 5 concert stop in Chicago on September 3, 2016. While on stage with BewhY and Gray, AOMG Co-CEO Simon Dominic, said they are planning another AOMG tour in the U.S. for sometime next year. Earlier in the evening, close to when SMTM season 5 winner BewhY first hit the stage, BewhY talked about his dreams for the future. The rapper says his dream is to win a Grammy and to chart on Billboard. Check out the videos of both announcements below.