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"GRADATION" according to means "any process or change taking place through a series of stages, by degrees, or in a gradual manner." And it's in a series of stages, that music fans are getting a listen to the latest from AOMG R&B singer ELO.

Volume 2, for his digital release, "GRADATION," dropped on May 15. Volume 1 was released just days before on May 11, on iTunes and Google Play Music. It includes the soulful track "Melt," featuring Colde (from offonoff) and "Oh I" featuring PENOMECO.

"GRADATION Vol.2" includes the tracks  "0809" featuring 보이비 and goodkiddaily, as well as the song "Don't You Worry," featuring KIRIN from 8Balltown. While we wait for the new tracks to hit iTunes and Google Play, AOMG in the meantime has shared a preview of  "0809" on its Instagram page.

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Music fans were first introduced to ELO with his 2013 release "Blur," featuring Loco, and then we fell in love with his hypnotizing voice, with his debut album in 2016, "8 Femmes," which included "Tattoo" featuring Jay Park, "F.W.B. /Friends With Benefits" featuring Hoody, and the soothing sounds of "ROSE."

UPDATE 05/16/18
According to AOMG, "GRADATION Vol.3" drops on May 24 at 6 P.M. (KST) with the track "Lip Service" (Feat. ? ).