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Another Hit From Jay Park and Dok2

On the day of the first episode of SMTM6, producer team Jay Park and Dok2 dropped a track they created for the show. The two are spitting fire on the new hit single "Most Hated." Jay Park, the co-CEO of AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC, and Dok2 the co-CEO of Illionaire Records have collaborated numerous times in the past. Jay Park reminded fans of that, with a throwback photo he posted on Instagram days before the new song release. #tbt 2010 💪😤✊ #aomg1llionaire #니가싫어하는노래 #Mosthated #20170630 #6PM #Ambition #h1ghrmusic A post shared by $hway BUM Park 박재범 (@jparkitrighthere) on Jun 28, 2017 at 11:01pm PDT  

Preview: The Film "GOOK" - African-Americans & Korean-Americans During The L.A. Riots

By Nefertiti Jenkins A second trailer for the film "Gook" has just been released. The movie is about two Korean-American brothers who own a shoe store, and a young African-American girl during the 1992 riots in Los Angeles, after the Rodney King beating verdict.  The film is directed by Korean-American filmmaker and actor Justin Chon, who stars in it along with David So and Simone Baker. According to Chon, in 1992, he was 10-years-old when the Rodney King verdict ignited the Los Angeles Riots. On the final day of the riots, his father's shoe store in Paramount, CA was looted. Although he was too young to fully understand everything that was happening, the events from that day had a significant impact on him. He says that for many years, he felt that there was a need for a film to represent the 1992 riots and the Korean-American experience during that time, and that's why he felt he had to make the movie. Justin Chon's "Gook" was the win

Kids Dancing Hip-Hop with their Mommy / Daddy

There's a dance revolution happening around the world, and everyone from the young to the old are jumping in, and uploading their routines on YouTube. Choreographer Phil Wright is one of those dancers. But what makes him different than most, is that he teaches a Beginner's Hip Hop class for kids and their parents or guardians to take together. The classes are held at a studio in California. He's uploaded some of the sessions, and they are the cutest videos ever! .  Remember Gangnam Style? #TheParentJam Instagram : @phil_wright_ Website : Youtube : Twitter :

Track Drop: B-Free and his Final Destination

He's controversial like Kanye, but when you listen to his music, it's real and speaks of the hardships and truths of his own life story and the people around him. Korean rapper B-Free has just dropped a new single, called "Final Destination." It's in Korean and English, like a lot of his music. It's intense, but it's good, especially if you need something to listen to, to get hyped. It also sounds like it would be perfect on a "Fast and Furious" movie soundtrack. Racing, racing, racing to my final destination.... Feel like nobody can stop me..... Yeah I been grinding the whole week. Yeah I been grinding the whole year. Yeah I been grinding my whole life..... All about was my dollars, Now getting nothing but dollars. We ain't got nothing in common.... Feel like I'm on auto pilot.... On my mother fuckin high horse.... Racing racing racing to my final destination.... Feel like nobody can stop me. To hot air like a comet.... "F"

Happening Soon: NBA Buzzer Beat Festival

Got a passport? How about using it, for a quick trip to Seoul, South Korea, to see some of the top artists in hip-hop and R&B, including Jay Park, Zion.T and Dean. The NBA Buzzer Beat Festival 2017 / Rapbeat Show is happening Saturday, July 8th at KBS Arena, and it's happening for a great price. You can buy tickets from Interpark , for anywhere from $39 - $70. InLet'sGo! already has tickets, and looks forward to the big event.                                                                     This is what the festival looked like last year...

A Review of "All My Crew," Bumping and Grinding with Jay Park and Avatar Darko

Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone's party has spilled over from Seoul into Seattle. In the first H1GHR MUSIC music video, for their artist Avatar Darko, the scene for "All My Crew" opens to legs on the dance floor, to people bumpin, a guy holding a bottle of alcohol, and then girls grinding. The party is clearly happening here, with Avatar Darko and Jay Park right up in the middle of it with their flow and surrounded by women, and a few of the other members of the H1GHR MUSIC crew including Raz Simone and Jarv Dee. The video is pretty ratchet. And maybe a little x-rated for anyone under 18, but no denying it, Avatar Darko sounds good rapping about a girl who slept on him, and Jay Park shows off his skills, dissing with lines like "I sold out shows, you sold your soul." And then extra visuals, besides the booty, includes guys in bear suits fighting with giant boxing gloves, a man in green face, and a Donald Trump piñata. The scene is crazy, but makes for one

Jay Park Reassures Fans after NBA Facebook Post

The struggle is real 😂😂 #aomg #h1ghrmusic #followthemovement A post shared by $hway BUM Park 박재범 (@jparkitrighthere) on Jun 11, 2017 at 7:27am PDT On Saturday, June 10, at four in the morning, the NBA posted a picture on their Facebook page of hip-hop and R&B Korean-American artist, dancer/CEO, Jay Park, and the internet went crazy. With people asking the question, "Who is Jay Park?" in the comment section, and writing racist comments about him, and even calling him a "bandwagon Asian fan" because of the Cleveland Cavaliers jersey shirt he was wearing in the picture. The negativity and vitriol lasted for hundreds of comments in, with Jay Park fans, stepping up to defend him, and inform them, about their beloved star. The post on Sunday evening, June 11, had 2,185 comments and 1,178 shares. The picture (with the caption "Jay Park in the house for Game 4 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland!") was posted after the game between the Cleveland Cav