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SONG OF THE DAY: San E "Counselor" (카운셀러)

If you feel like you're about to go over the edge of sanity, then you might be able to relate to Korean rapper San E, and his new music video, "Counselor." The video appears to be an inside look at the psychological demons he might be facing, including thoughts of self doubt, drugs and alcohol. He also shows us recorded counseling sessions, which may or may not be helping. Regardless of his level of crazy in this video, he's still spitting fire. Check it out...                                                                                  

Dumbfoundead Drops New Video ft. Too $hort

Get ready to blush. Dumbfoundead has dropped an x-rated video with Too $hort for their song “Cochino” from the "WE MIGHT DIE" album. It has scantily dressed women, and Dumbfoundead, Too $hort, and producer Getter as piñatas at what looks like a freaky house party. Check out the video here...                                                                              

Kid From Chris Brown's MV Uploads New Videos

                                                                         He's a rising star of Hip-Hop culture and moves like a young Usher, Chris Brown or Jay Park. Sheaden Gabriel, from California, has been a YouTube sensation for years and he's only 13-years-old. He's the kid seen dancing and making crazy faces on a number of choreographers' channels, and recently was one of the dancers featured in Chris Brown's new music video "Party." This week Gabriel has been uploading videos to his YouTube channel , and it's the first time he's done so in more than a year. The first video this week (on January 30, 2017) is a contemporary styled dance to "Rain Dance" with choreography from Jason Rodelo. It's a very emotional mature piece for him. The dance can move an audience of any age. In addition to showing off his skills on YouTube, you can also find videos of Gabriel's work on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Many of his fans m