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G.Soul Releases New Music As He Prepares For The Army

R&B singer G.Soul released new music with two new tracks on December 25, as a Christmas present to fans, before going away to the Korean army on December 26. The "Ill Be There," release includes, "No Answer," and "I'll Be There." His record label H1ghr Music, uploaded the title track, "I'll Be There," to its YouTube channel, where you can also find the lyrics in Korean and some in English, in the description box. The single is deeply soulful, feels a little bluesy, and throughout it, with the hook, G.Soul sings how he'll be there for his baby, but the singer will actually be away from the spotlight for nearly two years serving his country. G.Soul meanwhile, was pretty active, before he left. One day before he was scheduled to report for duty, G.Soul showed his fans his new buzz cut on Instagram, and then uploaded an image with a shot glass, and then another picture with another glass of something. G.

Dance Moves of The Day: Super Saiyan Sosho

Simply Mesmerizing and Smooth. Dancer Super Saiyan Sosho (Zaya Sosho), from The Future Kingz, and choreographer for Ayo & Teo, has just uploaded his freestyle to Twista's verse in "Do You," (by Do or Die). Sosho wrote on Instagram that he had always wanted to dance to something from Twista, and feels good about this moment. Check it Out... #5 “Do You?” It’s been on my bucket list since I started dancing to freestyle thoroughly to a @twistagmg verse. I can say I feel good about this one. I gave myself to the music and I didn’t think about it one bit. Here’s my take. Check out @renzellroque for #6 @thefuturekingz A post shared by ZayaSosho Of The Future Kingz® (@supersaiyansosho) on Dec 21, 2017 at 1:11pm PST

Song of The Day: Paloalto - "Chitter Chatter"

Rapper Paloalto, the founder of the Korean hip-hop label Hi-Lite Records , has uploaded a new track on SoundCloud.  It's called "Chitter Chatter," and the flow will have you moving to the beat. It's pretty tight.  Check it out.

GIRIBOY- Releases New Album and MV "Whyyoumad"

Rapper Giriboy's new music video is visually stunning, but the lyrics are all about the push and pull of any relationship between two people. The MV, with subtitles, dropped on YouTube on December 20, and it includes a super extra long title in Korean to go with the English "Whyyoumad." Here's what one viewer wrote about it... A lot of people were first introduced to the Korean rapper on Show Me The Money 3, in 2014. Giriboy is now signed to Just Music (with rapper Swings). His new album "GRADUATION" is also now available on Korean online music streaming sites and iTunes. In the description on the 1theK upload, it says that this is his 4th regular album, and features a number of producers. GRADUATION', includes the songs produced by outside producers rather than GIRIBOY himself like the previous album 'Coming Of Age Ceremony'. Particularly, a wide range of producers participated in producing this album, from Louie Lastic who produ

Crush Drops New MV ("Be By My Side") With Earth, Wind & Fire Sample

Korean R&B singer Crush, has dropped his latest music video. It's called "Be By My Side," and it samples the soul, disco and funk band Earth, Wind & Fire. According to the description under the upload on the Amoeba Culture official YouTube Channel, Crush received permission to use the "Brazilian Rhyme" sample. "내 편이 돼줘 (be by my side)" contains elements from "Brazilian Rhyme (Interlude)" written by Maurice White. Published by EMI April Music Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Contains a sample from "Brazilian Rhyme (Interlude)" as recorded by Earth, Wind and Fire, used courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment. The music video starts with Crush talking, and then we see him on the piano. The video continues with the words "last night I thought about you," and ends with Crush thanking his fans.

Song of The Day: "Forget About Tomorrow" - Jay Park and Yultron Premiere New Track on Asia's Got Talent Season Finale

Jay Park, Jay Park, Jay Park. His latest collaboration with electronic artist Yultron is really good, and hopefully will be promoted in the United States. The track sounds like something Justin Bieber would drop, but the sweet sexy voice behind it, is all Jay Park, and the smooth beat, is all Yultron. The two performed their new song, "Forget About Tomorrow" on the season finale of Asia's Got Talent on December 14. Jay Park had been one of the judges on this season's show. The song once you hear it, will melt your heart, because it showcases Park's singing, which at times, gives us Michael Jackson vibes. Check out the world premiere of the song here...

H1GHR MUSIC'S Phe Reds Escapes With A Few Breakdancing Moves

Just in case you forgot, Phe Reds (Leng Phe), the H1GHR MUSIC singer behind the sweet song "Smile," is also a break dancer, or b-boy from AOM (the Seattle based b-boy crew established in 2002. Members include Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone). Phe Reds uploaded video recently on Instagram, with the word " escapism," of him b-boying in a gym. And if you just discovered him as a singer, anyone who did not know, just found out, just how good he is, as a break dancer. With followers commenting on the post about how impressed they were with his form. Watch the video here... escapism A post shared by Leng Phe (@phe.reds) on Dec 12, 2017 at 10:39pm PST Phe Reds' breakdancing goes all the way back to when he was a kid. Co-CEO of H1GHR MUSIC and AOMG, Jay Park, recently introduced Phe Reds before his performance for 24 Hours Of Reality . During the introduction, he talked about how he and Phe Reds use to b-boy together when they were younger.  And

Jay Park To Perform In London (Update - Sold Out Show)

Fans in London are in for a treat. The Cult of Ya announced on social media on Sunday, Dec. 10, that Jay Park will be performing in London on Feb. 4, 2018. Along with him will be Sik-K, Hoody and DJ Wegun (from Jay Park's labels with Cha Cha Malone and Simon Dominic, H1GHR MUSIC and AOMG). Tickets go on sale December 12, at 12 p.m. (London time). To learn more visit the Cult of Ya website here. UPDATE 12/12/17 According to the Cult of Ya , tickets to the show in London, sold out within two minutes after going on sale. All tickets to Jay Park, Sik-K, Hoody, DJ Wegun in London sold out in 2 minutes. 3100 full house at Troxy on 4 FEB 2018. Let's get it! For those who missed out, please check the site as some tickets may become available again. — Cult of Ya (@cultofya) December 12, 2017 London 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯😘 — JAY BUM PARK (@JAYBUMAOM) December 12, 2017

Song of The Day: JARV DEE - "SMOKE 2 MUCH" (New Music Video Release)

Don't sleep on H1GHR MUSIC's Jarv Dee. The Seattle native has just released the music video for the track "Smoke 2 Much," and a lot of people will find themselves relating to it. Jarv Dee dropped the visuals on Wednesday, December 6. The video takes you into a messy apartment, where Jarv holds a stack of bills, and raps to a dope beat, about the struggles of surviving. The song (from THE RED EYE JEDI album) is really good. Some say I smoke too much, but I'm just trying to get by. Sometimes I work too much and I rather just be high. Check out the video below... 

Jay Park Performs English Version of "Yacht" For "24 Hours of Reality"

Jay Park has premiered the full English version of his song "Yacht." The singer performed it for the first time on Dec. 5, on former U.S. Vice President Al Gore's "24 Hours of Reality." The program streams live every year scientists, business leaders and celebrities talking about "the climate crisis." This is the second year, for Jay Park to lend his voice and talent to the program. Park also introduced one of the singers from his label, H1GHR MUSIC, Phe Reds, who performed his sweet song "Smile." I’m glad to join #AlGore and @ClimateReality again this year for #24HoursofReality! Tune in, learn about climate solutions, and check out my English premiere of “Yacht”. Be the voice of reality: link in @climatereality Bio A post shared by $hway BUM Park 박재범 (@jparkitrighthere) on Dec 4, 2017 at 9:20pm PST

One of The Best Performances of 2017 - Ayo & Teo - The Future Kingz, Kvng Khii & Malik DOPE

It's December, and many news organizations are rolling out their end of year reviews, and "best of" reports. Here at INLet'sGo!, we had a chance to see some amazing performances in 2017, including BTS in Chicago in March, and Jay Park , Dean , and DPR LIVE at the NBA Buzzer Beat Festival in Seoul, South Korea in July. But performances that we didn't see live, that we wish we had, we found recently on the Hit That Dance Network's YouTube channel . Featured on the channel, are rising stars 21-year-old Ayo & 18-year-old Teo, and dancers 'The Future Kingz' (Friendship Bros),  along with Kvng Khii and Malik DOPE at a concert at Howard Theatre in Washington D.C. The event was uploaded back in August, and from the opening moments of the video, we see guys flipping, spinning, and dancing the latest challenge, with Ayo and Teo on the mic. The energy is raw and crazy on that stage, and it's filled with young people taking the hip-hop culture furt

Kris Wu Says Another Release On The Way During Portland Studio Interview

Kris Wu was in the WE 96.3 studio, in Portland, Oregon, for a live interview with DJ Heat on Friday, Dec. 1.  The session was streamed live. During the live interview, Kris Wu answered questions about himself and gave fans information about a new project with Pharrell Williams, that could drop in 2018 around March, along with the album that he's been working on. He also says a music video for his new single "B.M." is on the way, and could be out in the next few days. Plus, he says we may see another track drop in 2017 from the rapper, model, actor and basketball player. Watch the entire 12 minute interview below (starts about 1:42 in). The fans really turned out for this one! Breaking news: @KrisWuOfficial_ has the sweetest fans! 😎💖 #KrisWu #wuyifan @we963pdx — Skype Live Studio (@SkypeLiveStudio) December 1, 2017