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Dumbfoundead's BORN CTZN Launch Party

Apparently the launch party for rapper Dumbfoundead's collective new label BORN CTZN, was pretty lit, with all of the top hip-hop stars in South Korea. It all went down on June 1st, 2017 at Club Octagon in Seoul, but highlights from the party, were just uploaded on September 28, on the BORN CTZN YouTube Page . The event had appearances from Dumbfoundead (showcasing his "FOREIGNER" EP release), as well as Year of the OX, Jay Park, Far East Movement, Jessi, SIMON Dominic, G2, G.Soul, Loopy, Nafla, JustThis, Young West, Microdot, BRLLNT, Ugly Duck, DJ Benjamin, Rekstizzy and more. If you wish you had been there, we feel the same way too! Check out the recap here...

Shotta Spence Drops New Video on WorldStar

He said new music was on the way, and on September 12, 2017, rapper Shotta Spence let his fans have it, by premiering his new music video on WorldStarHipHop . The song is called "Word of Mouth," and just like his previous songs, Shotta goes in hard. This time around, he's cleverly spitting lyrics, from a dark street corner like a man who's been through some things. "I'm a warrior, got some shooters on my team. I'm a playa for life..." Check out the video for "Word Of Mouth" below. The mv is simple, but the message cuts deep. We love Shotta Spence here. We hope he stays out of trouble, and we can't wait to see what he has for us next.

The Chris Brown "Take You Down" from dancer Daniel Jerome

Sometimes you just don't have control when music moves you. That seems to be the case for choreographer Daniel Jerome from the state of Washington (and Art Of Movement (AOM)). Jerome posted on Instagram on September 6, a very intimate routine from the dance floor, saying in a long post... When you blank out and the music takes over...then you snap back to life and realize you have embarrassed yourself by taking it down like Chris Brown... When you blank out and the music takes over...then you snap back to life and realize you have embarrassed yourself by taking it down like Chris Brown because all of that inspiration from your high school years stored in the back of your mind that randomly felt it was appropriate to throwback right then and there because you knew you weren't able to dance like that back then during those years due to being an anti-social kid that wanted to do choreography back during that time, but didn't have the confidence because he only un

Rapper Shotta Spence Shares his Mother's Story

Shotta Spence, the 21-year-old up and coming rapper from New Jersey, shared part of his mother's journey from Vietnam, on Instagram, on Monday, September 4, as he wished her a Happy Birthday, and thanked her for supporting him as an artist. In his post, Shotta Spence (Spence Lee) wrote that when his mother was a little girl in Vietnam,  "the communist North had taken everything from her family. During the war, her parents and siblings had to escape further south in a TANK. The South Vietnamese and the Americans were losing the war, and she got separated from her family in the chaos. U.S. soldiers evacuated her via "Operation Babylift" ... on the LAST flight out." Shotta Spence goes on to say that the flight his mother was originally supposed to be on, had gotten shot down.  "But by the grace of God she wound up in Ohio, then Washington Heights (NY) and got into fashion.. and the streets."  Shotta also adds that his mother didn't