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NEW MUSIC: Khalil Fong - "Fake Monk"

Chinese-American singer-songwriter and producer Khalil Fong, recently captioned on Instagram that he moved from Hawaii to Shanghai in 1990, and discovered the music of Cui Jian, which included the 1989 Blues/Rock track - "Fake Monk." Fast forward to 2018, and Fong has dropped his cover of the mesmerizing song. Fong's version hit streaming sites on Christmas day, December 25, with an official lyric video two days later on YouTube. Take a listen to it above. Khalil Fong has also recently dropped an all English single titled  "Throw It Off."  The official music video for that, hit YouTube in September. The 35-year-old artist has also previously worked with South Korean R&B artists. He dropped his single "Flavor" featuring Zion.T and Crush, with a music video back in October of 2016.

New Music: JUNGLS - Gem$hine (feat. Cimona)

R&B singer JUNGLS has been uploading covers and new music on SoundCloud now for more than a year. Most recently the UNISYVER artist dropped his track "Gem$hine," featuring Cimona on December 24 for Christmas. The ILLUID HALLER produced song includes lyrics in Korean and English. Listen to it below... View this post on Instagram JUNGLS - Gem$hine (feat. Cimona) is Available on everywhere 💎✨ 유투브와 싸클에서도 젬샤인을 들을 수 있어! Youtube & SoundCloud (Link in bio) ✔️ Lyric Video by @cimona_deepsoop - #GemShine #JUNGLS #Cimona #ILLUIDHALLER #젬샤인 A post shared by JUNGL$ ☾ 정글스 (@junglsplash) on Dec 25, 2018 at 11:06am PST

New Album Drop: Swings - "Upgrade 0"

Rapper Swings runs three record labels in South Korea (Wedaplugg, Just Music and Indigo Music). On December 26 he dropped his latest album, "Upgrade 0," produced by sAewoo, and featuring artists Jhnovr, Yunhway, Kid Milli and Han Yohan. You can find the 13-track project on music streaming sites. Check out a preview of it below.


A bittersweet Christmas love song, because sometimes, it's just the end of the road. Singer NIKI first uploaded her "SUGARPLUM ELEGY" track to her YouTube channel on December 12. The label she's signed to, 88rising, uploaded the audio to its YouTube channel on December 23. Written and produced by NIKI, she says the song came out of nowhere, and she wrote and self-produced it in her bedroom, during a time where she felt "cold and clogged, in every sense."  Her raspy vocals on the track capture a time of finality and sorrow... Great was our love, it was one for the books/ We gave it the best that we could/ but I won’t recite all my lines just to watch you and I...lie/ I’m so proud I got to love you once.    The Indonesian native, and rising star, dropped her debut EP "Zephyr," back in May. Check out her new song, and today's Song of The Day - "SUGARPLUM ELEGY" now below.

New Music: SFC.JGR - "STAIRWAY" feat. QIM ISLE

South Korean R&B singer SFC.JGR has added his smooth vocals to an electric groovy beat, for his new track "STAIRWAY," featuring QIM ISLE. The single dropped on December 24, with a music video the day before. The HIROKO94 and Andre Wang directed visual features women climbing up different sets of stairs. The 8BallTown artist previously released an R&B track titled "Network" back in August. Check out his new music below.

NEW MUSIC: South Korean rapper and label founder - Paloalto drops his "Yearend" EP

Quick flow, and tight beats, to wrap up 2018, and just in time for Christmas. South Korean Hi-Lite Records founder Paloalto dropped his "Yearend" project on Dec. 21. The EP includes features with rappers Qwala, YunB and Ugly Duck. Producers on the four track mini-album include Big Banana, Sway D, YunB and Unsinkable. Check out the Apple Music preview below.

New Music: PENOMECO works through a difficult time in the making of his latest EP - "Garden"

It was an emotional roller coaster for South Korean R&B/hip-hop artist PENOMECO during the making of his latest mini-album, "Garden." That's according to a translation of his Dec. 20 Instagram post. His new EP was released hours before, on music platforms, along with a music video. On the Instagram caption (translated into English by @pnmcorea on Twitter ), he wrote... While I was working on this album, I felt how much I was lacking and how boundlessly my presence was. There were many trials and errors, and while writing this, I realize that I've been overcoming these trials and errors pretty well. PENOMECO also wrote... Crashing into many emotions and beliefs, I gained wounds and fatigue. My anxiety gave me insomnia, and I was afraid that my happiness would be in danger. So I couldn't meet other people easily and stayed hidden. The emptiness that I felt during this time grew the most vast while I worked on this album. While I was crouching in t

Song of the Day: Usher x Zaytoven - "Peace Sign"

At age 40, and after nearly three decades in the industry, R&B singer Usher still knows how to make ladies feel a certain kind of way. The artist released the official music video for his song "Peace Sign" with producer Zaytoven on Dec. 11. The track is off their "A" mini-album, which hit music platforms on October 12th, just days before the singer turned 40. Usher told Apple Music in an interview, that "the 'A' is for Atlanta." The "Confessions" singer also says that although they did not intend to create a mini-album, he and Zaytoven created the tracks for the EP, during a five-day sprint of writing and recording. The song "Peace Sign" stands out on the project with sensual, and not so subtle explicit lyrics, and it's the Song of the Day. Check out the EP and the video above and below.

Jay Park drops new "Million" MV just hours after upload for new track - "LEGACY"

Just hours after his YouTube upload of his new GRAY produced song "LEGACY," with lyricist GIFTED GAB and singer SHELBY, R&B/hip-hop artist Jay Park surprised fans again on December 16, by releasing the visual for his track "Million," from his U.S. debut mini-album under Roc Nation, "Ask Bout Me." The EP dropped back in July. The new cinematic-like official music video for "Million," shows a tragic love story, and includes imagery of a woman shot in the heart by an arrow, and temporarily trapped by Jay Park's promises of commitment. The tack "LEGACY," on the other hand, is more socially conscious, and will be on his upcoming project, "The Road Less Traveled." In the meantime, the artist has also been answering fan questions on Twitter under #askJayPark. He has also tweeted on Twitter that his goals for 2019 are his rap project - "The Road Less Traveled," and then an R&B project, followed by a world

Now Listening To: WOOGIE - "Rewind My Tape, Pt . 2"

Heavy on bass and electric guitars, and khip-hop talent, H1GHR MUSIC producer WOOGIE went big for his second EP, "Rewind My Tape, Pt . 2." The mini-album, with its rock, blues and jazz infusion, dropped on Dec. 16. It features one of his bosses- H1GHR MUSIC co-CEO, Jay Park on two hot tracks. Also featured on the EP are Ugly Duck, pH-1, PUNCHNELLO, Byung Un, Kim Dokyoon and R&B singer and labelmate G.Soul. G.Soul has been away from the music scene since December 2017, when he enlisted in the South Korean military. The blues track he's featured on, "CALL MY NAME," includes his soulful vocals, and an official music video, focused on a dancer, after a SWAT team is called in. Check out the video and a preview of the EP below. Legend X REWIND MY TAPE part.2 #Classicisforever - EP [REWIND MY TAPE part.2] 2018.12.16 6PM (KST) - SHOUT OUT TO @woogie_park #PUNCHNELLO #BYUNGUN 그리고 #김도균 of #백두산 - #WOOGIE #우기 #REWINDMYTAPE #WOOGIEONANDON #h1

NEW MUSIC: Jesse Baez brings the Latin Trap for new single "Fácil" feat. C. Tangana

Urban Latino singer  Jesse Baez has returned with some Latin Trap. The artist dropped his latest collaboration with C. Tangana on December 14, titled "Fácil." Google translates the Spanish title to the English word 'easy,' and the song easily becomes the new turn up. Baez and Tangana have previously worked together for Baez's track "No Eres Tú," off his summer EP, "Turbo." Take a listen to a preview of their new song, "Fácil," below.  And check out the visual, recorded during what seems like a wild night in Vegas. FÁCIL FT @c_tangana ya salió papawnnnnn. Prod x @mlkmn 🖤🌹 — Jesse Baez (@Jessebaezlolwut) December 14, 2018

New Music: ZAYN's Sophomore Project - "Icarus Falls"

Mellow out with singer ZAYN's second studio album, Icarus Falls . The 27-track project dropped on December 14, and features Nicki Minaj on the previously released single "No Candle No Light," and producer Timbaland for "Too Much." ZAYN dropped his debut solo studio album, Mind of Mine in 2016, and the former One Direction band member from England, is still crooning with soul on his latest release. Check out a preview of the new album below.

South Korean R&B singer HOLYNN gets freaky in new track - "On The Line" feat. JUNNY

While there's a debate on social media right now (started by American singer Jacquees) about who's currently the "King of R&B," South Korean singer HOLYNN, from Marilyn Monderland, is getting freaky with his R&B... in a new track uploaded to SoundCloud titled - "On The Line." The song featuring labelmate JUNNY and produced by Holymoley! was released on Dec. 12. Sung in Korean and English, the lyrics include... "You don't wanna do things on the line." And, "This time I want to do a new thing." Check out the track below.

New Music: JUSTHIS drops two new tracks and MV - for a "Re: Tired." double single release - "Gone" & "Omen"

With many fans wondering if the rumors of retirement are true, South Korean rapper JUSTHIS from Indigo Music, explores a difficult topic with a new double single called "Re: Tired." The two-track-drop, hit streaming sites on December 10, with an official music video for its title track - "Gone." The song lyrics touch on the subject of suicide. The visual includes translated subtitles, and additional captions on the video describe a journey from South Korea to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The second track on the release is called "Omen." Check out the new music and visual below.

New Music & MV: Gaho - "Preparation For a Journey" - his first mini-album

South Korean singer Gaho has dropped his debut EP. "Preparation For a Journey" hit streaming sites on Dec. 11, along with an official music video for its title track of the same name. The AlphaDict crew member from the label Planetarium Records, has five tracks on his mini-album, which range from ballads to pop R&B. Labelmate Villain features on the fourth track "Then." Check out the music video in black and white and a preview of the EP below.

H1GHR MUSIC's producer WOOGIE mixes genres of music in new single- "Welcome To Seoul" (feat. Ugly Duck, pH-1 and Jay Park)

Taking listeners back in time, South Korean H1GHR MUSIC producer WOOGIE dropped his latest single "Welcome To Seoul" on December 9th. Featuring the lyrical flows from Ugly Duck, pH-1 and Jay Park, the song combines hip-hop beats with early funk and rock. It actually sounds in part, like a piece from English rock band Led Zeppelin. And it's the kind of track, that as a listener, you wish you could experience live. "Welcome To Seoul" is a pre-release off WOOGIE's upcoming EP "REWIND MY TAPE part.2," due out on December 16th. Part 1 dropped earlier this year in March. It included the 70s influenced "Rolling Stones" track , which was inspired by the band of the same name. Known for his signature tag "WOOGIE on and on," the producer told the Korea Herald in an April interview that "part two of “Rewind My Tape,” will feature the jazzy sound of 1970s hip-hop in the U.S."  Till the new EP drops, check out the single,

Didn't see that coming! - Watch G2's new "Alive" Video - from the new "tHROWING uP bUTTERFLIES" album

Without giving away too much, khip-hop fans should check out rapper G2's latest music video, "Alive," and watch it till the very end. It'll be worth your time. The trippy visual is from his second studio album - "tHROWING uP bUTTERFLIES." The South Korean Hi-Lite Records artist dropped both on December 7th. His 13-track album follows a theme of addiction, depression, escapism, distrust and gratitude. It features hip-hop and R&B artists from the U.S. and South Korea including Rekstizzy, Ja Mezz, YELLOWMANE, Chancellor, Reddy, Ted Park, TAEK, Lyricks, GAMEBOYSACE, DJ ZO and Hoody. Producers on the project include Big Banana, Frankie James, GAMEBOYSACE, UGP and GRAY. Check out the music video and album preview below.

More Than Just a Handsome Face - singer Justin Park throws down R&B and melodic hip-hop on debut full-length album - "Places Like Home"

From checking out his posts on Instagram -- Korean-American R&B singer-songwriter Justin Park has killer looks with chiseled features, and lucky for his fans, he can also really sing. The Los Angeles native dropped his debut full-length project titled "Places Like Home" on December 7th. On it, we hear smooth vocals on throwback sounds of pop and R&B, and fresh beats of melodic hip-hop. Working under 5A LABEL, his album has 14 tracks, which includes previously released singles with visuals; " NAHIMMASTAY (Namaste )," "XL UBER" feat. Amber Liu,  and "SUMMER SHXT." Park is currently on tour with singer Amber Liu  (from girl group f(x)). The tour wraps in San Francisco, CA on December 14th. You can find his new album on music platforms now. Also check out the Instagram video below to hear more of Justin Park's story. View this post on Instagram This is Justin’s story, and it

New Music: Lil Boi - "David" with just the right Old School Feels

Mixing up the hip-hop beats with old school R&B, South Korean rapper Lil Boi returned for a two-track single release on December 7th, titled "David." Lil Boi, a member of the duo Geeks, is managed under Grandline Entertainment. His new release consist of the tracks, "Go" and "David," (featuring Kim E-Z), which the latter track begins with a piano melody on love, but then switches the beat for a bounce flow. According to the agency, "David" is a prologue to the rapper's upcoming first full-length album; "Meantime," but the track "Go" will not be on it. Many Show Me The Money fans may remember Lil Boi from season four in 2015, as a contestant with team AOMG, with Jay Park and Loco as producers/judges and Geegooin, Sik-K and David Kim as team members. Check out his new music below.

NEW MUSIC: Coogie's second EP - "EMO #1"

South Korean rapper Coogie is in his feels with his second EP, "EMO #1." The artist (and former Show Me the Money 777 contestant) from Yelowsmob crew and label MILLION MARKET (with ATMseoul), dropped his latest mini album on December 7th. This follows his debut self-titled EP, which dropped on May 18, under ATMseoul, before the merger with MILLION MARKET. The new seven-track EP, includes the smooth vocals of international R&B/hip-hop singer/rapper Jay Park - featured on the song "Justin Bieber." The visual for it, was also uploaded on December 7th, under SM Entertainment's YouTube channel. MILLION MARKET now falls under the SM Entertainment umbrella group. SM is currently one of the largest entertainment companies in Korea. During an Instagram Live after the release, Coogie said he had a hard time naming the titles for his new music, and thus the name "Justin Bieber" for his track with Jay Park. Also featured on his EP are Woo, CHANGMO and

Concert Watch: AOMG returning to North America for a four stop tour - Above Ordinary: USA & Canada 2019

AOMG is returning to North America in 2019. South Korean rappers Simon Dominic, Loco, Woo, producer GRAY and DJ Wegun will hit the stage in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver starting January 20th. According to AOMG, tickets go on sale on December 11th at 5PM (PST) and 8PM (EST). The tour will happen right before  Loco enlists in the Korean military on February 7th. AOMG previously toured in the U.S. in 2014 and 2016. Update 12/11/18 - The ticket link for the  Above Ordinary: USA & Canda 2019 tour is now open at View this post on Instagram [Above Ordinary: USA & Canda 2019] Simon Dominic (사이먼 도미닉), GRAY (그레이), Loco (로꼬), Woo (우원재), DJ Wegun (DJ 웨건) - We will be visiting the United States and Canada starting from January 20th! Ticket link opens on December 11th at 5PM (PST) / 8PM (EST) Stay tuned for ticket link opening! - Ticket Link Open (예매오픈): Dec 11th at 5pm(PST) /

Grooving with Lucky Daye's debut EP "I" and his breakout song - "Roll Some Mo"

by Nefertiti Jenkins With the groovy sounds of funk, mixed with old school R&B, LA-based soul singer Lucky Daye's visual for his track, "Roll Some Mo," off his debut EP "I," dropped back on November 9th. The hazy music video puts you in the mood to just chill. It was released along with his EP on music streaming sites through Keep Cool and RCA Records. This is the first official work for newcomer Lucky Daye and it's really good. The artist told online magazine  DJBOOTH , that he was inspired by The Gap Band, Stevie Wonder, Blackstreet, Lauryn Hill, D’Angelo, Prince, Michael Jackson and Rick James. And you hear that on his tracks, with the addition of the influence of R&B Trapsoul singer Bryson Tiller. Although focused on his career in music now, Daye's upbringing is a lot different than most. According to his interview with DJBOOTH, Daye grew up in a cult with his Mom in New Orleans... and I got out of there at around eight years old. T

Concert Watch: H1GHR MUSIC's Sik-K and Woodie Gochild to Tour Europe with DJ SMMT

Khip-hop fans in Europe have another big tour headed their way. South Korean rappers Sik-K and Woodie Gochild from H1GHR MUSIC, will be hitting the stage in five European cities, beginning in March. They'll be live in concert in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Manchester and London -- thanks to the Cult of Ya. This will be Sik-K's second time working with the promoters. The trap artist hit the stage in London earlier this year through the Cult of Ya with Jay Park, Hoody and DJ Wegun. Check Sik-K out when he returns with Woodie Gochild and DJ SMMT. Tickets go on sale Monday, December10th. Visit CULTOFYA.COM for more information.  UPDATE: 12/14/18 - According to the Cult of Ya, due to demand, two more shows have been added; another show in Paris and one in Warsaw. Support for SIK-K World Tour in Europe comes from Woodie Gochild and DJ SMMT from H1ghr Music. #LetsGetIt — Cult of Ya (@cultofya) December 4, 2018

New Video: RUBY IBARRA is "Taking Names" and going hard with Bambu & Nump

Sharing her immigrant story with a sharp flow, Filipino-American rapper and spoken word artist, Ruby Ibarra, released a visual for her track "TAKING NAMES," (feat. Nump and Bambu) on Nov. 29. The song is from her 2017 debut album  Circa91 . And when it's roll call, They know my name now. I make them all fall. I'm 'bouta break out. Born in Tacloban, Philippines in 1991, her family moved to San Lorenzo, California when she was a young child. The now 27-year-old, raps in Tagalog and English, and focuses on the impact of colorism, colonialism and culture with her art. There’s some crazy Filipinos in here. From the jungle, yeah the savage is real. Check out her new music video below. On Twitter, she tweeted recently that two more visuals ("Curtain Call" and "Playbills") are on the way. Thank you all for watching the new Taking Names video!!! Let me know what yall think & what your favorite scenes were ☺️ #CurtainCall & #Play

NEW MUSIC: Phoenix and the Flower Girl - “Guillotine” ft. Phoenix Troy & Paloalto

From across the way, audio and visual duo Phoenix and the Flower Girl in London and Tokyo, have teamed up with South Korean hip-hop label, Hi-Lite Records founder, Paloalto, for a new track, “Guillotine.” The melodic single hit streaming sites on November 30. Phoenix and the Flower Girl consist of British rapper, vocalist and producer Phoenix Troy, and artistic director, Flower. Their new song, produced by Hoost, dropped with a lyric video (by Karim) on YouTube. Hear the raspy vocals and rap of Phoenix Troy and Paloalto's smooth English/Korean flow below... She's gone like the wind. Gone in a second, offensive weapon you are. Cut me like a guillotine.

Concert Watch: Show Me The Money 777 - khip-hop artists to tour in North America - Nafla, Loopy, Mommy Son, Nucksal and Deepflow with Stage Session

Artists from this year's South Korean hip-hop program, Show Me The Money , will hit the stage in early 2019, for a six-city North America tour. Beginning January 23, you can catch rappers Nafla, Loopy, Mommy Son, Nucksal and Deepflow in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, New York and Toronto, thanks to Stage Session. Nafla (from MKIT RAIN) won Show Me the Money 777 (SMTM777), with his labelmate Loopy, as the first runner-up. Mommy Son became this season's viral contestant. Deepflow and Nucksal (of Vismajor Company (VMC)) were producers on the show. Stage Session is a division of KPOPME that specializes in hip-hop, R&B and ballad artists instead of kpop concerts. They are currently looking for volunteers for the upcoming shows . Check out their social media accounts for how you can participate. Meanwhile, tickets are now on sale. You can find more information on their website... . January 23, 2019 - Seattle @ Showbox SoDo January