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New Video Drop (Review): H1GHR MUSIC's - WOOGIE - "ROLLING STONES" (Feat. Car, the Garden)

Taking us back to the 70s with a vintage movie themed visual, H1GHR MUSIC producer Woogie, has released his new music video and single "Rolling Stones," which is from the upcoming EP, "Rewind My Tape part 1."

The video, featuring singer 'Car, the Garden' was uploaded to the H1GHR MUSIC YouTube channel on March 18. And even before you watch it... one look at the artwork released for the track, and you're immediately reminded of Rolling Stone Magazine, and if you're old enough to remember, the Rolling Stones rock band (both got their name from a 1950s song by Muddy Waters, titled Rollin' Stone).

And then, there's the 1972 remake by The Temptations (of a single from The Undisputed Truth) called "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone." But getting past the history and nostalgia of the title, the video begins with a man who looks like he could've been on the set of "That '70s Show," as he takes you further back in time, when he exits a home, and gets into his classic Oldsmobile Cutlass with a state of Washington license plate.

We see the line a Hobin Film, and then Woogie ("on and on") gives us that funky psychedelic early electric blues rock beat. 'Car, the Garden' adds his raspy vocals, and the song is awesome. Vibe with it. Purchase the single, and buy the album, which comes out on March 23. Check out the video below.
Baby I've been rollin, rollin. Baby I've been rollin, rollin.