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Song of The Day: SHAUN - "Thinking Of" - feat. OVAN & SUMIN


Looking for a new summer jam? Check out DJ SHAUN's electric dance track, "Thinking Of" featuring rapper OVAN and singer SUMIN. The single is the title track off his first solo mini album, "TAKE." The vocal EDM artist is known for his skill with synthesizers, and is a member of the South Korean indie rock band, The KOXX (which formed in 2009).

SHAUN's EP dropped on June 27, along with a music video for "Thinking Of (생각나)." The mv features two beautiful women enjoying themselves at the beach and elsewhere, and also includes OVAN on the mic. The EP itself, is a mixture of EDM sounds. Check out a preview of it, and the music video below.


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Ted Park drops new anthem for anyone who needs a little uplifting - New single & MV - "Ugly"

H1GHR MUSIC hip-hop artist Ted Park has not had it easy, and he's sharing some of his pain and struggles in a new single and lyric music video - "Ugly." On it he sings... "some of the things I've been through been so ugly." He also follows with positive advice: "Don't get in your feelings, go get to the money."

Park's message in this song, can be an anthem for anyone questioning life, or fighting to survive bullying.
I'm alive alive for you. I want to show you that dreams can come true. Even when they say that you won't, and the world is screaming don't, that you'll do what you love for you.
 "Ugly" hit YouTube and music streaming sites on March 12. Check it out now below.

Rapper Shotta Spence Shares his Mother's Story

Shotta Spence, the 21-year-old up and coming rapper from New Jersey, shared part of his mother's journey from Vietnam, on Instagram, on Monday, September 4, as he wished her a Happy Birthday, and thanked her for supporting him as an artist.

In his post, Shotta Spence (Spencer Lee) wrote that when his mother was a little girl in Vietnam, 
"the communist North had taken everything from her family. During the war, her parents and siblings had to escape further south in a TANK. The South Vietnamese and the Americans were losing the war, and she got separated from her family in the chaos. U.S. soldiers evacuated her via "Operation Babylift" ... on the LAST flight out."Shotta Spence goes on to say that the flight his mother was originally supposed to be on, had gotten shot down. 
"But by the grace of God she wound up in Ohio, then Washington Heights (NY) and got into fashion.. and the streets." Shotta also adds that his mother didn't find her famil…

Jitomo and Lil Cherry leave WEDAPLUGG RECORDS

Just a month after the release of her video "Mona Lisa," featuring Jito Mo, for Wedaplugg Records-- trap artist Lil Cherry and fellow artist Jitomo, are now both out from the label.

We Da Plugg Records, run by South Korean rappers Giriboy and Swings, announced the departure on social media on Nov. 16. Artists who are still with the label are: Jhnovr, YUNHWAY and producer sAewoo.
This is an announcement from We Da Plugg. Jitomo and Lil Cherry will no longer be a part of the label. Although we were disconcerted from the sudden news, both had reasons to leave and we send them in peace. Nevertheless, the agenda for We Da Plugg will not change. We sincerely thank our fans and supporters.

SMOOTH SOLO: Just Jerk Dance Crew - More Than Just Pretty Boys

Part 2 Whats up everyone Nickson here from Jerk Family! My first choreography video is out and I hope y'all enjoy watching it! Shout out to my brothers U-Jin and Gyuhong for dancing this piece with me and Sunny for the video! Also always thankful and grateful to my crew Just Jerk Family. @justjerkcrew A post shared by Nickson 닉슨 (@justjerkfam_nickson) on Nov 4, 2017 at 9:03am PDT The Just Jerk Family has uploaded another great choreography video on social media. Crew member Nickson says it's his first choreography video, and he thanks U-Jin and Gyuhong for dancing the piece with him.

The routine is to Bruno Mars "Versace On The Floor," and it's a smooth urban contemporary dance, with Michael Jackson influenced moves. What makes it really special, is the breakout solo we see from Nickson starting with his quick footwork at 1:03 in.

At 1:06 in, Nickson slides his leg down to the ground and quickly spins into break-dancing on his back, and then after a brief handsta…

Snacky Chan goes back to his roots in new EP - "김재윤 (Kim Jae Yoon)"

Mixing today's hip-hop flow with a flavor from the 80s, Dynasty Muzik's Korean-American CEO Snacky Chan released his latest EP on music streaming sites on March 18. The seven-track mini-album is titled "김재윤 (Kim Jae Yoon)."

According to the artist; 김재윤 is Snacky Chan's original Korean name given to him by his grandmother. He says he chose it as the title, to honor his South Korean roots, as well as the woman who named him.

Veteran rappers Dok2, The Quiett and Boi.B feature on the EP, as well as Deepflow, QM, Chillin Homie, Siggie Feb, YoungWon and A-Chess. Vocalists Rheehab, oceanfromtheblue, and Chane also contributed to the project. Check out the preview below.

Concert Watch: Ozuna - AURA USA Tour 2018

Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Ozuna, is hitting the road this fall for an AURA USA Tour. The announcement comes after the release of Ozuna's new track and music video with Manuel Turizo, "Vaina Loca," which dropped on YouTube on June 28, and currently has more than 30-million views. 
"Vaina Loca" is a single from Ozuna's upcoming album Aura, set to be released on August 24. The tour, starts in September in Atlanta, and hits at least 30 cities, including Lexington, KY in December. Tickets go on sale July 6, with Ticketmaster.

Sik-K begs a Woman to Stay in New Video Drop - "XIBAL"

Looks like H1GHR MUSIC's trap rapper Sik-K, has messed up big time in the romance department. In his new music video, he's begging a woman to stay with him. The MV for his song "XIBAL" dropped on September 20 with English subtitles, ahead of a full release.  The South Korean rapper wrote on Instagram to his fans; "If u want me to drop this track on every streaming platform drop comments."

The lyrics for the song produced by GroovyRoom and Pink Slip include: "Sibal, please don't go yet. Sorry for cussin. Don't leave that's what I meant." And also, "So we won't fight. Be my fuc*** wife."

The Jinooya Makes directed visual includes a woman's lyrical dance around Sik-K in various settings. It also includes clips taken from Sik-K's 2016 "Rendezvous" music video, directed by Makes, who is also behind Jay Park's "YACHT" video.

Sik-K's new music follows the July 11 two-track single release of &…

New Video Drop (Review): H1GHR MUSIC's - WOOGIE - "ROLLING STONES" (Feat. Car, the Garden)

Taking us back to the 70s with a vintage movie themed visual, H1GHR MUSIC producer Woogie, has released his new music video and single "Rolling Stones," which is from the upcoming EP, "Rewind My Tape part 1."

The video, featuring singer 'Car, the Garden' was uploaded to the H1GHR MUSIC YouTube channel on March 18. And even before you watch it... one look at the artwork released for the track, and you're immediately reminded of Rolling Stone Magazine, and if you're old enough to remember, the Rolling Stones rock band (both got their name from a 1950s song by Muddy Waters, titled Rollin' Stone).

And then, there's the 1972 remake by The Temptations (of a single from The Undisputed Truth) called "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone." But getting past the history and nostalgia of the title, the video begins with a man who looks like he could've been on the set of "That '70s Show," as he takes you further back in time, when h…

Cherry Coke tries to "Wash" away the pain in new animated MV release

The water is overflowing from a past love, for South Korean R&B singer Cherry Coke-- in a new animated video for her single - "Wash." The artist dropped the visual on March 16. The track hit streaming sites in January. It follows her 2018 EP "Blind."

New Video Drop: JINBO Releases "So To Speak" MV featuring Crush and Hoody in honor of South Korean artist who died a "suspicious death"

by Nefertiti Jenkins

Korean R&B singer JINBO has dropped the video for his collaboration work with R&B singers Crush and Hoody. The mv for "So To Speak" was released on August 14 on YouTube. The track honors with a cover, a hip-hop icon (or first generation kpop idol) in South Korea, who died a suspicious death on November 20, 1995.

Rapper/Singer Kim SungJae was a member of the '90s duo DEUX, and died after his solo debut performance on SBS. According to online reports, the 23-year-old went to a hotel after the performance with his girlfriend and crew, but was found dead the next day at the hotel with 28 needle marks on him. An autopsy found traces of an animal anesthetic, or animal stimulant in his body.

According to online reports, his girlfriend was arrested for the alleged murder of Kim and was sentenced, but was acquitted due to the "lack of evidence." The case is considered an unsolved mystery. Back in April of 2018, a petition with the title, &qu…