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Rapper Khundi Panda follows BewhY's lead in new single & MV - "AMA" with Dejavu Group

South Korean rapper Khundi Panda revs it up in a new single and visual titled - "AMA." It hit streaming sites on December 8th, under Dejavu Group. The track-- produced by rapper BewhY (winner of Show Me the Money 5 and the man behind the label). The song also features the global star.

Dejavu Group announced just days before the release, the recruitment of Khundi Panda. According to the organization, Panda won the 15th Korean Music Award for 'Best Rap & Hip-Hop Records' in 2018. He is the third member now with Dejavu, which also includes producer Viann. Previously BewhY led a one-man agency.

The release of the new single-- "AMA," is a commemoration for joining the label. Check out the official music video above and below.

데자부 그룹, Khundi Panda (쿤디판다) 영입 ⠀ 비와이 (BewhY)가 이끄는 레이블 데자부 그룹 (Dejavu Group)이 세 번째 멤버로 Khundi Panda (쿤디판다)를 영입했다. 2018년 제15회 한국대중음악상 최우수 랩&힙합 음반을 수상, 평단과 리스너 모두를 만족시키는 행보를 보여주며 단기간에 베테랑으로 거듭난 쿤디판다는 오는 12월 8일 정오 레이블 합류를 기념하여 비와이와 함께한 싱글 "AMA (Prod. BewhY)"를 발매할 예정이다. 또한 쿤디판다 유튜브 채널을 통해 "AMA (Prod. BewhY)"의 뮤직비디오 티저가 공개되었다. ⠀ ⠀ -⠀ Dejavu Group, Recruits Khundi Panda ⠀ Dejavu Group, led by BewhY, signed Khundi Panda as the third member. At 2018, he has won the 15th Korean Music Award for Best Rap & Hip Hap Records. With a career satisfying both critics and hiphop listeners, Khundi Panda has shown an impressive progress developing himself as a veteran in a short period of time. As in a Commemoration for joining the label, Khundi Panda will be releasing the single "AMA (Prod. BewhY)"- a collaboration with the affilliated artist BewhY- at noon on December 8th. "AMA (Prod. BewhY)" MV Teaser is released on Khundi Panda's YouTube channel. ⠀ - Video Directed by @cocky_yun ⠀ ⠀ @nothermaturesgold #KhundiPanda #쿤디판다 #DejavuGroup #데자부그룹
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                                                                         He's a rising star of Hip-Hop culture and moves like a young Usher, Chris Brown or Jay Park. Sheaden Gabriel, from California, has been a YouTube sensation for years and he's only 13-years-old. He's the kid seen dancing and making crazy faces on a number of choreographers' channels, and recently was one of the dancers featured in Chris Brown's new music video "Party." This week Gabriel has been uploading videos to his YouTube channel , and it's the first time he's done so in more than a year. The first video this week (on January 30, 2017) is a contemporary styled dance to "Rain Dance" with choreography from Jason Rodelo. It's a very emotional mature piece for him. The dance can move an audience of any age. In addition to showing off his skills on YouTube, you can also find videos of Gabriel's work on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Many of his fans m