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BE'O Drops Visual for "Counting Stars" feat. Beenzino

South Korean rapper BE'O released the official music video for his song "Counting Stars," featuring Beenzino, on December 13. The track actually hit streaming sites the day before on December 12. 

BE'O was the second runner-up on Show Me The Money 10, the most recent season of the rap competition series. The 21-year-old artist is signed under FameUs Entertainment and previously participated in SMTM 7 and 9, and in the third season of High School Rapper under his name Yoo Chan-wook. 

Currently fans can't get enough of the rapper's live performance of "Counting Stars" and the single is climbing on the charts. Check it out below.

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Hot New Music: Jack Harlow - "First Class," Paulo Londra - "Chance" and ChaMane - "26"

Hip-hop is dominating the charts from around the world. During the week ending April 9, some hot new music hit streaming sites, including new hits from Louisville, KY rapper Jack Harlow, Argentine artist Paulo Londra and South Korean rapper ChaMane. Jack Harlow's banger "First Class" rolled out on streaming sites on April 8, with an official visualizer (that's currently trending on YouTube) just days after a preview of the song on social media with the artist in the studio went viral. The rapper samples Fergie’s 2006 hit “Glamorous” in "First Class." According to Chart Data, the new song has already topped the global Spotify chart and has earned the biggest chart debut of the year. "First Class" is a pre-release off Harlow's upcoming project- "Come Home The Kids Miss You," due out on May 6th. After a nearly three-year hiatus (due to a music contract legal battle) Paulo Londra has released his second single of 2022. The artist dropped

Crowd goes wild for Jack Harlow at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky

Rapper Jack Harlow wrapped his 6-city  No Place Like Home Tour across his home state of Kentucky on Sunday, December 3, performing to a near sold out crowd at Rupp Arena in Lexington. It was the final stop of his tour and his first time performing at Rupp. Lexington bleeds blue for the University of Kentucky Wildcats, but fans turned out in full force in support of the Louisville native, who makes no secret of his love for the University of Louisville Cardinals. The schools may be rivals, but it was all love for the "First Class" star, except when he proclaimed his love for Louisville, causing the crowd in return to boo.  Harlow though showed his appreciation for the Lexington crowd by bringing out local legends: his music mentors Ky Engineerin’ and Nemo Achida, as well as former UK basketball player Tyler Herro, who now plays for the Miami Heat. Harlow's song “Tyler Herro” is named after the athlete.  Excitement filled the arena, with fans going wild shouting Harlow'

Fans still have questions about ECÂF after the release of Ruel's new single & MV - "Face To Face"

(Updated September 10) - Ruel has dropped the Behind The Scenes video for "Face To Face." On Sept. 10, he revealed that the actress portraying ECÂF in the music video and on Twitter, is named Tatiana. And the person who sings the vocals for her single release, "Pictures," is actually Ruel's sister Coco. Original Post (08/11/19) ... Global teen sensation Ruel shares a social media obsession in the visual for his new single - "Face To Face." The 16-year-old singer from Australia dropped the official music video for his song on August 8th. In the weeks leading up to the release of the "Face To Face" music video, a twitter account was created under the handle @ECAF_XXII promoting a singer named ECÂF ((Face backwards) who may or may not be real), with a debut single titled "Pictures," who stars in Ruel's new visual. Currently Ruel doesn't follow anyone on Twitter, but at one time he was tweeting to that account, as if

Rapper Shotta Spence Shares his Mother's Story

Shotta Spence, the 21-year-old up and coming rapper from New Jersey, shared part of his mother's journey from Vietnam, on Instagram, on Monday, September 4, as he wished her a Happy Birthday, and thanked her for supporting him as an artist. In his post, Shotta Spence (Spence Lee) wrote that when his mother was a little girl in Vietnam,  "the communist North had taken everything from her family. During the war, her parents and siblings had to escape further south in a TANK. The South Vietnamese and the Americans were losing the war, and she got separated from her family in the chaos. U.S. soldiers evacuated her via "Operation Babylift" ... on the LAST flight out." Shotta Spence goes on to say that the flight his mother was originally supposed to be on, had gotten shot down.  "But by the grace of God she wound up in Ohio, then Washington Heights (NY) and got into fashion.. and the streets."  Shotta also adds that his mother didn't

SLCHLD Shares Emotional Track - "Huge Mood" on SoundCloud

A message of support to a loved one, from R&B singer SLCHLD. The artist shared his emotional Pacific produced track - "Huge Mood," on SoundCloud on November 6th. Lyrics include... "My love, my love, please don't wrestle the pain. My love, my love, get ahold of your mind." SLCHLD is a singer with ties to South Korea and Vancouver, Canada. His previous release titled -"Undo," featuring KALLITECHNIS, hit streaming sites on October 25. Check out his song "Huge Mood" below. View this post on Instagram ‘huge mood’ out on SoundCloud. First song out since I got back home! A post shared by slchld (@slchld) on Nov 6, 2019 at 12:29pm PST

SMOOTH SOLO: Just Jerk Dance Crew - More Than Just Pretty Boys

Part 2 Whats up everyone Nickson here from Jerk Family! My first choreography video is out and I hope y'all enjoy watching it! Shout out to my brothers U-Jin and Gyuhong for dancing this piece with me and Sunny for the video! Also always thankful and grateful to my crew Just Jerk Family. @justjerkcrew A post shared by Nickson 닉슨 (@justjerkfam_nickson) on Nov 4, 2017 at 9:03am PDT The Just Jerk Family has uploaded another great choreography video on social media. Crew member Nickson says it's his first choreography video, and he thanks U-Jin and Gyuhong for dancing the piece with him. The routine is to Bruno Mars "Versace On The Floor," and it's a smooth urban contemporary dance, with Michael Jackson influenced moves. What makes it really special, is the breakout solo we see from Nickson starting with his quick footwork at 1:03 in. At 1:06 in, Nickson slides his leg down to the ground and quickly spins into break-dancing on his back, and then after

NEW VIDEO DROP: "Hocus Pocus" New Fun MV from Planetarium Records / PLT

They dropped the digital track on May 12th, and on Thursday, May 17th, the boys from Planetarium Records released their colorful visual for "Hocus Pocus." It features Jung Jinwoo, Villain, June, Gaho and Moti in a fun video that includes a zebra, and the artists rapping and singing around a globe on a table. The lyrics (below) are in Korean and English and include a "Skrrt skrrt pull up," and  Hocus pocus on me baby We've got this magic baby Check out the video here ... 나 가끔 이런 생각해 yeah 빛이 보이지 않는 이 긴 터널 끝이 뭘 위한 건지 혹은 출구를 향해 걷고 있는 건지 평정심을 잃고선 또 고쳐 쓰고 비워 대가 없이 불어나는 stress에 내 몸은 꼬여 '가끔'이 '요즘'이 돼가는 게 무서워져서 이젠 밤잠도 지새워 Please, let me talk about it 내 갈증을 해소해줘 넌 나를 계속해서 불안하게 조여줘, 네 공간은 갈수록 어지러워, 난 계속 외로워져, 해로워, 다 back up to ma childhood Let me hold you longer 불쌍한 날 잡아줘 이미 추락해버린 날 끌어 안아줘 네 눈 속에 난 어떨까 결말은 있을까 누가 나 좀 도와줘 yeah 지금은 다 그냥 모두 뒤로뒤로 해 Let me free me now free me now free me now free me now 지금을 느껴 손을 위로위로 해 L

R&B Singer RINI drops Seductive Visual for track "Aphrodite"

R&B singer RINI leaves fans thirsting for more, in his new sexy music video for his song "Aphrodite." The visual hit YouTube on March 25. The track is off his 2018 "After the Sun" EP. RINI (Justerini Sandoval) is from Melbourne, Australia. In his new visual, a woman in black dances seductively, as RINI lusts after her, while crooning melodic poetry about his desires. Check out the video below. You're that Goddess  Aphrodite Well known for her Love and beauty You took me and you bathe me in Your waters, your fountain Left me yearning for more, for more And I can’t take it anymore

Just Jerk Crew Performs During Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

We're only two months in, and 2018 has already been a good year for Just Jerk Crew. They are the featured backup dancers in the official music video for Jay Park and Yultron's "Forget About Tomorrow," and they just recently announced the opening of their new dance academy in South Korea. The popular urban dance team from Seoul, has been making moves together since 2010, and has even competed on America's Got Talent, season 12. Now, the group is getting even more international recognition, after performing live during the Opening Ceremony for the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. The group has shared a clip of the performance on Instagram, and some of the members have even shared behind the scenes group photos. The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics kicked off on Friday, Feb. 9 in South Korea.   A post shared by Just Jerk Crew (@justjerkcrew) on Feb 9, 2018 at 7:18am PST Peongchang Winter Olympics 2018 평창 동계올림픽 @justj

KHip-Hop Tours/Concerts Happening Soon in 2022

Fans of South Korean hip-hop will soon have a chance to see their favorite artists on stage. More than two years after the coronavirus pandemic put live in-person performances on hold, now with declining cases globally, artists are once again preparing to go on tour.  That includes Khip-hop rapper, Hi-Lite Records founder Paloalto, as well as AOMG artists YUGYEOM, Woo, Coogie, Sogumm, DeVita and DJ Wegun. In addition, Kpop mega stars BTS are also preparing for a mini- Las Vegas residency.  ( Part 2: Hip-hop and R&B Concerts/Tours Happening Soon in 2022 (summer, fall, winter) ) Rapper Paloalto kicks off the Khip-hop tour season. His U.S. tour begins March 10 in New York. He then hits the stage in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Seattle.  AOMG artists Woo, Coogie, Sogumm, DeVita and DJ Wegun begin their "Above Ordinary USA Tour" on March 18 at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. The labelmates then hit the road for concerts in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Minneapolis