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West African artist Nketia representing Ghana with new music dropping soon

Following the release of his popular 2022 EP "Mr. Lover," Ghanaian musician Nketia is returning with all new music for his fans. The West African artist, producer and songwriter from Ghana says he's working on a new single and EP. No release date yet, but he's already looking for help in choreographing a dance for his new song. Nketia posted the request on Instagram just a week ago. 

Nketia (pronounced in•ke•tia) is known for delivering a mix of R&B, Afrobeats, Hip-Hop and Drill. His forthcoming release is expected to be of a fast tempo Azonto-- a dance and music genre from Ghana. Check out Nketia's current releases below.  You can also catch the artist live at the Ruka Festival in December, in Yei, South Sudan.

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Rapper Shotta Spence Shares his Mother's Story

Shotta Spence, the 21-year-old up and coming rapper from New Jersey, shared part of his mother's journey from Vietnam, on Instagram, on Monday, September 4, as he wished her a Happy Birthday, and thanked her for supporting him as an artist. In his post, Shotta Spence (Spence Lee) wrote that when his mother was a little girl in Vietnam,  "the communist North had taken everything from her family. During the war, her parents and siblings had to escape further south in a TANK. The South Vietnamese and the Americans were losing the war, and she got separated from her family in the chaos. U.S. soldiers evacuated her via "Operation Babylift" ... on the LAST flight out." Shotta Spence goes on to say that the flight his mother was originally supposed to be on, had gotten shot down.  "But by the grace of God she wound up in Ohio, then Washington Heights (NY) and got into fashion.. and the streets."  Shotta also adds that his mother didn't

Avatar Darko Officially Signs With H1GHR MUSIC

Seattle Rapper Avatar Darko, has officially signed with hip-hop label H1GHR MUSIC. The CEOs, Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone, posted the official video on June 5th, to social media of Avatar signing the contract, and receiving his H1GHR MUSIC gold chain.  The new signee is fresh off a U.S. tour with his H1GHR MUSIC labelmates (which wrapped on May 8th in Seattle). He also hit the stage with them back in March, for South by Southwest. Photos From H1GHR MUSIC Tour - Seattle According to his Facebook page , Avatar Darko, was born in Estonia to Ukrainian/Russian parents, and then later moved to Seattle with his family when he was young. On Facebook, his music is labeled as Grunge Trap.  Many global fans were introduced to him back in June of 2017, with the release of his collaboration with co-CEO Jay Park, of the track, "All My Crew."   Both CEOs say new music will be released on June 8, 2018.  It’s official 📝.. my childhood dream has always been to sign a reco

Mural of Rapper Dumbfoundead Vandalized

The iconic mural of rapper Dumbfoundead painted on the side of Catalina Liquor in Koreatown in Los Angeles, has been vandalized-- that's according to a social media post from the artist. A picture of the vandalism, shows letters spray painted across it. On July 16th, Dumbfoundead thanked painter Joseph Yun Lee and Catalina Liquor on Instagram for "wanting to keep the mural up as long as they did."  The mural was originally painted for the rapper's 2016 music video "Murals," a visual off his "We Might Die" album. Last year, he tweeted that he was getting a least one tagged photo a day from fans who had taken a picture in front of it. Dumbfoundead is now asking fans to send pictures or videos they had taken in front of the mural to or tag him, so he can use the images in a video. View this post on Instagram [🚨UPDATE: Send any pictures or video of you w

Song of The Day: SHAUN - "Thinking Of" - feat. OVAN & SUMIN

  Looking for a new summer jam? Check out DJ SHAUN's electric dance track, "Thinking Of" featuring rapper OVAN and singer SUMIN. The single is the title track off his first solo mini album, "TAKE." The vocal EDM artist is known for his skill with synthesizers, and is a member of the South Korean indie rock band, The KOXX (which formed in 2009). SHAUN's EP dropped on June 27, along with a music video for "Thinking Of (생각나)." The mv features two beautiful women enjoying themselves at the beach and elsewhere, and also includes OVAN on the mic. The EP itself, is a mixture of EDM sounds. Check out a preview of it, and the music video below. SHAUN (EP) [Take] OUT NOW ✔️ - 천재 뮤지션 SHAUN의 단독 EP [Take] 가 현재 모든 음원사이트를 통해 공개 되었습니다. 아래 링크를 통해 SHAUN 의 야심작을 지금 바로 확인해 보세요! - 🎼 EP [Take] - Track List 01. Way Back Home 02. 생각나 (Feat. 오반 (OVAN), SUMIN) 🔥 03. 야행성 04. Arirang - 🔊 link in bio - Check out the brand new EP of SHAUN through

Crowd goes wild for Jack Harlow at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky

Rapper Jack Harlow wrapped his 6-city  No Place Like Home Tour across his home state of Kentucky on Sunday, December 3, performing to a near sold out crowd at Rupp Arena in Lexington. It was the final stop of his tour and his first time performing at Rupp. Lexington bleeds blue for the University of Kentucky Wildcats, but fans turned out in full force in support of the Louisville native, who makes no secret of his love for the University of Louisville Cardinals. The schools may be rivals, but it was all love for the "First Class" star, except when he proclaimed his love for Louisville, causing the crowd in return to boo.  Harlow though showed his appreciation for the Lexington crowd by bringing out local legends: his music mentors Ky Engineerin’ and Nemo Achida, as well as former UK basketball player Tyler Herro, who now plays for the Miami Heat. Harlow's song “Tyler Herro” is named after the athlete.  Excitement filled the arena, with fans going wild shouting Harlow'

F.HERO links up with BamBam from GOT7 for new song and MV - "Do You"

BamBam from GOT7 delivers a trap hook and flow, with Thai rapper F.HERO (ฟักกลิ้ง ฮีโร่) on the new KILO KEYS produced track - "Do You." The song is off F.HERO's new 32-track album - "INTO THE NEW ERA." The visual for "Do You" dropped on October 16, with a suave BamBam dressed in black. The kpop idol is originally from Bangkok, Thailand. His lyrics on the hip-hop track are in English. Check out the video above. "You can let the top back (back)  Feel the wind blow (blow!)  I can feel your energy   Girl I like your tempo  Do you wanna slide with me  Vibe with me  You aint gotta tell me I already know the answer baby"

Dates Released for CRUSH, DPR LIVE and K.A.R.D performances at SXSW- Korea Spotlight‬

We now know when DPR LIVE and Crush will hit the stage for SXSW (South by Southwest).  The flyer has been released for Korea Spotlight‬. It will take place on Friday, March 16 at The Belmont. Performing acts include: Lee Hi, KARD, CIFIKA, Hyukoh, DPR LIVE, Crush, & Say Sue Me.‬ Badges/Wristbands only. SXSW runs from March 9 -18 in Austin, TX.  

SLCHLD Shares Emotional Track - "Huge Mood" on SoundCloud

A message of support to a loved one, from R&B singer SLCHLD. The artist shared his emotional Pacific produced track - "Huge Mood," on SoundCloud on November 6th. Lyrics include... "My love, my love, please don't wrestle the pain. My love, my love, get ahold of your mind." SLCHLD is a singer with ties to South Korea and Vancouver, Canada. His previous release titled -"Undo," featuring KALLITECHNIS, hit streaming sites on October 25. Check out his song "Huge Mood" below. View this post on Instagram ‘huge mood’ out on SoundCloud. First song out since I got back home! A post shared by slchld (@slchld) on Nov 6, 2019 at 12:29pm PST

KHip-Hop Legends: Deepflow, Paloalto, The Quiett, Yumdda and Simon Dominic collab in a Dingo x DAMOIM single & MV - "Forever 84"

A Dingo and DAMOIM collaboration with some of the top hip-hop heavy hitters in South Korea-- who mostly were born in 1984. Part one of the project - "Forever 84," hit streaming sites on November 19, with a Dingo music video on YouTube, featuring Yumdda, Deepflow, Paloalto, The Quiett and Simon Dominic. The rappers, now in their 30s-- have each helped to put South Korean hip-hop on the map. They represent labels AOMG, Hi-Lite Records, ILLIONAIRE RECORDS and VMC. And the artists are living life to the fullest in their DF Film visual, as they are "forever young, forever rich, forever 84." The track--was produced by Unsinkable. Check it out above and below. "Now I'm up in the sky with the 84s.  I told you we not paper chasers.  DAMOIM we spread love forever."