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New Music: Soovi - "ASAP!"

Hi-Lite Records' artist Soovi has an uplifting message in her new single - "ASAP!" The song hit streaming sites on May 23, with an official visual on the South Korean label's YouTube channel. Check it out below.

"Fall down to the ground but we get back up ASAP!"

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Saudi Rapper Leesa Returns with a Sweet Café Flow

Rapper Leesa made headlines around the world, back in June, when she dropped a hip-hop video celebrating the end of a ban on female drivers in Saudi Arabia. Well now she's back with a sweet video promoting Ewan Café in the country. And although the video (which hit YouTube on November 15), advertises an establishment, that from the visual, seems to offer delicious desserts and coffees, it also highlights the skill Leesa has when it comes to spitting rhymes. She's good, really good, and could possibly rap about, just about anything. Check out her flow below.

SONG of The Week: EXO - "Ya Ya Ya" - with a sample from SWV- “You’re the One”

It's that 90s sample that makes the song. On November 27, Kpop group EXO released their sixth album titled "OBSESSION." On it, the track "Ya Ya Ya," which samples American R&B trio-- SWV, and their 1996 hit-- “You’re the One.” The new song from EXO, "Ya Ya Ya," was co-produced by Dem Jointz, who’s previously worked with Dr. Dre, Anderson .Paak and ScHoolboy Q, according to The vocals on the song include the current six active members of the group... Sehun, Chen, Chanyeol, Kai, Baekhyun, and Suho. And it's the loop of that SWV sample throughout the track, that makes you want to hear the song over and over again, after you first hit play. The repeat-- for the club, campus, home or car. The track--the best on the "OBSESSION" project; making it our SONG OF THE WEEK. Check it out below.

Jay Park Dropping Remix of "Birthday"

The original was already a nice feel good song, but now Jay Park is teasing on his Instagram Story, a remix of the track "Birthday." "Birthday" aired originally on SMTM6, episode 3 with Ja Mezz, Jay Park and Dok2 in August, 2017. On his Instagram Story on Nov. 28, Park writes that the remix is coming soon. Meanwhile Jay Park, as fans know, the rapper/singer/model, goes non-stop from project to project, and recently was featured in "Cosmopolitan Korea's COSMO Men." Park and Roc Nation shared photos from Cosmopolitan on Instagram. ICYMI: @JParkitrighthere is on the cover of this month's issue of #CosmoManKorea A post shared by Roc Nation (@rocnation) on Nov 27, 2017 at 10:28am PST

Concert Recap: Beyoncé In Nashville - Late But Right on Time

            by Nefertiti Jenkins Fans who waited five months to see Beyoncé for The Formation World Tour in Nashville, waited at the edge of their seats a little longer on Sunday, October 2, 2016, at Nissan Stadium. The show was originally scheduled to take place in May, toward the beginning of her tour, but she postponed the show until October. Tickets said it started at 7:30 p.m., but DJ Khaled who opened for Beyoncé , didn't come out until well after 8:00 p.m. Of course he hyped up the crowd, with a number of old school and new school hits, but he was small on the stage, working his music, next to a giant cube called The Monolith. The Monolith rotates, projects videos, and has secret pathways. It teased the audience with quick dramatic images of Beyoncé before she appeared on the stage almost an hour after Khaled, in "Formation" with her army of female dancers. When she hit the stage, Beyoncé was right on time, and she and her dancers strutted down an

Fans still have questions about ECÂF after the release of Ruel's new single & MV - "Face To Face"

(Updated September 10) - Ruel has dropped the Behind The Scenes video for "Face To Face." On Sept. 10, he revealed that the actress portraying ECÂF in the music video and on Twitter, is named Tatiana. And the person who sings the vocals for her single release, "Pictures," is actually Ruel's sister Coco. Original Post (08/11/19) ... Global teen sensation Ruel shares a social media obsession in the visual for his new single - "Face To Face." The 16-year-old singer from Australia dropped the official music video for his song on August 8th. In the weeks leading up to the release of the "Face To Face" music video, a twitter account was created under the handle @ECAF_XXII promoting a singer named ECÂF ((Face backwards) who may or may not be real), with a debut single titled "Pictures," who stars in Ruel's new visual. Currently Ruel doesn't follow anyone on Twitter, but at one time he was tweeting to that account, as if

NEW VIDEO DROP: Jay Park - "Sexy 4 Eva" - A Compelling Focus on the people of Seattle

by Nefertiti Jenkins Showing the beauty of his hometown of Seattle, and its people, singer/rapper Jay Park dropped the visual for his track "Sexy 4 Eva" on September 25. The JJ Augustavo directed video, with a theme of inclusiveness, spotlights the confidence of people from all walks of life-- age and backgrounds-- who feel "sexy forever." The compelling visual, produced by Adam Leeman, was shot (by MEGO LIN) in June. It also includes Park's Seattle crew (from H1GHR MUSIC and friends) including photographer Jordan Nicholson , singer Phe Reds , H1GHR MUSIC co-CEO (and producer of the track)  Cha Cha Malone , rappers Jarv Dee and Avatar Darko , and a cameo appearance from pop singer Eric Nam , who had a show in Seattle on June 10, as part of his Honestly North America Tour. "Sexy 4 Eva" is off Jay Park's U.S. debut EP "Ask Bout Me."   The MV follows the recent two-track release of  "V" and "Dank," and the cha

Rapper Shotta Spence Shares his Mother's Story

Shotta Spence, the 21-year-old up and coming rapper from New Jersey, shared part of his mother's journey from Vietnam, on Instagram, on Monday, September 4, as he wished her a Happy Birthday, and thanked her for supporting him as an artist. In his post, Shotta Spence (Spence Lee) wrote that when his mother was a little girl in Vietnam,  "the communist North had taken everything from her family. During the war, her parents and siblings had to escape further south in a TANK. The South Vietnamese and the Americans were losing the war, and she got separated from her family in the chaos. U.S. soldiers evacuated her via "Operation Babylift" ... on the LAST flight out." Shotta Spence goes on to say that the flight his mother was originally supposed to be on, had gotten shot down.  "But by the grace of God she wound up in Ohio, then Washington Heights (NY) and got into fashion.. and the streets."  Shotta also adds that his mother didn't

Dance Moves of The Day: NCT U - Taeyong & Ten - "Baby Don't Stop" Dance Practice

Taeyong and Ten, two of the members from the kpop sub-group NCT U, have swag and a lot of it at that. Most of their fans already knew this, but for newcomers, the dance practice video released by SM Entertainment in South Korea, confirms it. The visual in the official video for "Baby Don't Stop," was already a heart stopper. But now, inside a dance studio, for the dance practice video, Taeyong and Ten make their hard, smooth and sexy hip-hop moves with quick hand and footwork, look even sexier. The choreography is really good, and the song itself is pretty tight. The dance practice (below) was released on March 16, and has over one million views. The official music video for "Baby Don't Stop," was released on February 26 and has over 11 million views. NCT U has been a kpop favorite since its debut back in 2016, with its urban hip-hop style and beat for the single and mv "The 7th Sense." ***"Baby Don't Stop" is a single from

New Music: Lil Boi - "David" with just the right Old School Feels

Mixing up the hip-hop beats with old school R&B, South Korean rapper Lil Boi returned for a two-track single release on December 7th, titled "David." Lil Boi, a member of the duo Geeks, is managed under Grandline Entertainment. His new release consist of the tracks, "Go" and "David," (featuring Kim E-Z), which the latter track begins with a piano melody on love, but then switches the beat for a bounce flow. According to the agency, "David" is a prologue to the rapper's upcoming first full-length album; "Meantime," but the track "Go" will not be on it. Many Show Me The Money fans may remember Lil Boi from season four in 2015, as a contestant with team AOMG, with Jay Park and Loco as producers/judges and Geegooin, Sik-K and David Kim as team members. Check out his new music below.

Jay Park drops a Demo on SoundCloud and it's a Slow Jam

An unexpected slow jam from Jay Park. The singer/rapper uploaded a track titled "2016 Demo," on SoundCloud on June 21. The song, produced by Woogie from H1GHR MUSIC, has that 90s R&B vibe, as Park sings about the mistakes he made with a former love. You can listen to it below. Jay Park is the co-CEO of two labels (AOMG & H1GHR MUSIC), and he is also signed to Roc Nation. He dropped his debut single under Roc Nation, "Soju," (feat. 2 Chainz) on May 25. The official music video for it was released on June 14. Park is expected to release his debut album under Roc Nation in July. just because — JAY BUM PARK (@JAYBUMAOM) June 21, 2018