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The Chris Brown "Take You Down" from dancer Daniel Jerome

Sometimes you just don't have control when music moves you. That seems to be the case for choreographer Daniel Jerome from the state of Washington (and Art Of Movement (AOM)).

Jerome posted on Instagram on September 6, a very intimate routine from the dance floor, saying in a long post...
When you blank out and the music takes over...then you snap back to life and realize you have embarrassed yourself by taking it down like Chris Brown...
When you blank out and the music takes over...then you snap back to life and realize you have embarrassed yourself by taking it down like Chris Brown because all of that inspiration from your high school years stored in the back of your mind that randomly felt it was appropriate to throwback right then and there because you knew you weren't able to dance like that back then during those years due to being an anti-social kid that wanted to do choreography back during that time, but didn't have the confidence because he only understood the mechanics of airchairs and backflips aka what's a body roll? Then you have to tell your mom I am just moving to the music after looking over the footage, but for some reason she's kind of supportive because she hears everyone else in the video being extra supportive (r.i.p ears special thanks to @arianamichele) and you are more weirded out by it, but you are grateful to your Filipino mom and learned to accept that the music was in control and the energy was right thanks to Chapkis Dance Family and everyone in class that day and you remember that "dance like no one is watching" quote and realize you don't have to be embarrassed because music and dance is a great thing that brings a lot out of me that would have never come out if it wasn't for that combination and would never have had the many wonderful experiences I've had through it like this moment that I am kinda still embarrassed by because I'm actually quite shy when not in my element and this is definitely not what I practice, but more of a surprise for everyone including myself. Surprise!! If you wanted to these expensive, these is red bottoms. These is bloody shoes, hit the folks I could whip 'em both, I don't want a juice *dab* Congrats if you made it this far. I teach at urban ave tonight at 7pm. 🙈 #shortstoriesbydaniel #dance #sorrymom #sorryknees #leftmyglassestheresadface #arianabeextrasupportive #fingerguns #2017 #chapkis #justhavingfun
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