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New Hot Video Drop: CORBYN - "BLACKWHITE" MV

With a cinematic-like visual, 28-year-old Korean-American artist CORBYN dropped his latest music video with 28 LABORATORY on April 12. "BLACKWHITE" includes a red carpet braggadocious fire flow with popular movie references.

The music video for the self-produced track, is the second uploaded to YouTube under 28 LABORATORY since his departure from South Korean kpop group 24K, back in January.

CORBYN, also known as Cory, was once the leader and main vocalist of the boy band group. He was born in South Korea, but grew up in Portland, Oregon. Check out his new music below.

"This movie black white Casablanca we movin' Frank White We buildin' castles on them heads right? Ya'll look the same to me I blink twice Credits rollin' I see my name twice My passion's got the hater's seeing Christ Hallelujah they all buckling under pressure tight Godfather to these haters shaking dice Brando muggin' leavin' headless horses, Poltergeist Ya'll don't amaze me Ya'll don't amaze me Stuck in a Matrix We usual suspects Will smith a new one don't play with my success Dance with the devil He wearin' them Pradas And burning a milly blunts Scars on my face so I'm hustlin' husltin' Seekin' a milions We killin' them killin' them mockingbirds they outta sight I'm keepin' em keepin' em Swazye they lookin' real light All the neighbors checkin' if we really might Go noir, deuce ocho rep I say This movie black white Casablanca we movin' Frank White We buildin' castles on them heads right? Ya'll look the same to me I blink twice Credits rollin' I see my name twice Raging bull I got some shit to prove I gotta shake the tool before I shoot My word is my word I go harder than any you suckas I'm takin' the loot Here in my room been caged in a Nicholas suit They gone with the wind Fuck you just pretend Just stick to the plan 10 outta 10 How you gon' disrespect are you insane Whiplash* from the haters don't you take my name in vein City of Gods we takin' different lanes I put the work in so it's growing pains They talkin' hard but lookin' soft like Charlie's Angels Die hard artist vigils for fakes I'm lighting candles Hooligans lookin' green from future lookin' late night My motion pictures' gon' be timeless shit because This movie black white Casablanca we movin' Frank White We buildin' castles on them heads right? Ya'll look the same to me I blink twice Credits rollin' I see my name twice."

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New Music On The Way - Junoflo, DPR LIVE, Loco, Woogie, & Maniac (with Jay Park as feature)

There's a lot of good music dropping soon for khip-hop fans.  Some of our favorite artists from Korea have releases coming out the week of March 11, and hip-hop mogul Jay Park features on a few of the tracks. Monday, March 12 -First up, is rapper Maniac. He's dropping music on March 12, titled "Money Makerz, " featuring Jessi and Jay Park. The teaser for it was uploaded on March 8. Tuesday, March 13 -Hip-hop artist Junoflo (from Feel Ghood Music) drops his EP, "Only Human," on Tuesday, March 13. On the same day, the visual for the track "Grapevine" from the album, featuring Jay Park, will also be released. Tuesday, March 13 -Also on Tuesday, March 13, artist DPR LIVE (from Dream Perfect Regime) is dropping a single audio, called "Action!" featuring Gray (from AOMG). Wednesday, March 14 -AOMG rapper Loco will release "Post It" featuring Jay Park on March 14, at 6 p.m. (KST).  The first teaser uploaded on

Issa Rae is Aminé's Baby Mama in New Video Dedicated to Spice Girls with Cameo from Mel B

Portland rapper, Aminé, just dropped his new music video (on October 10, 2017) and it's as crazy as ever, featuring two big names from the entertainment industry, actress Issa Rae (Insecure) and Mel B from the Spice Girls. The mv is the official video for the song "Spice Girl," a track from his debut album, Good For You.  It starts with Aminé sitting on a coach with a naked woman on his lap, but the woman has his face. It then moves to police chasing after Aminé, who is now on a bike. Next is a bathroom scene, and his foot rapping. We eventually see the artist getting a hilarious jailhouse visit from Issa Rae.  Mel B, a.k.a. Scary Spice, shows up towards the end throwing profanity his way. Throughout the video we see hidden and not so hidden messages about the new album and his website . The song itself is about the type of woman he wants, and he wants a Spice Girl. I need a Spice Girl. Zig-a-zig-ah, fuck up my whole world. Pause when she talk, nothin' like oh g

11 FACTS ABOUT KRIS WU (From His Power 106 Interview)

by Nefertiti Jenkins

Avatar Darko Officially Signs With H1GHR MUSIC

Seattle Rapper Avatar Darko, has officially signed with hip-hop label H1GHR MUSIC. The CEOs, Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone, posted the official video on June 5th, to social media of Avatar signing the contract, and receiving his H1GHR MUSIC gold chain.  The new signee is fresh off a U.S. tour with his H1GHR MUSIC labelmates (which wrapped on May 8th in Seattle). He also hit the stage with them back in March, for South by Southwest. Photos From H1GHR MUSIC Tour - Seattle According to his Facebook page , Avatar Darko, was born in Estonia to Ukrainian/Russian parents, and then later moved to Seattle with his family when he was young. On Facebook, his music is labeled as Grunge Trap.  Many global fans were introduced to him back in June of 2017, with the release of his collaboration with co-CEO Jay Park, of the track, "All My Crew."   Both CEOs say new music will be released on June 8, 2018.  It’s official 📝.. my childhood dream has always been to sign a reco

Song of the Day: SFC.JGR - "Network" (as featured on the Kitsuné Hot Stream)

South Korean singer-songwriter SFC.JGR (Sergeant First Class Jaguar) from label 8BallTown, shared his R&B track "Network" in August, as part of his label's MIXX CITY VOL.2 project. The single was re-uploaded on October 17, as part of the playlist from Kitsuné Hot Stream , which is focusing on South Korean music every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in October. Kitsuné is a French clothing brand and music label. According to his online bio, SFC.JGR never gave up on his music, even as an actual sergeant first class in the military. The artwork for his single was illustrated by Seoul-based photographer Cho Gi Seok.  Listen to the track now below. View this post on Instagram 8BallTown - MIXX CITY VOL.2 . 1.SFC.JGR - NETWORK 2.MOGWAA - NASUNG NIGHTS(WESTCOAST STREET SOUL MIX) 3.MOGWAA - SUMMER HOLiDAY (88’ CALIFORNIA MIX) 4.SFC.JGR - ALCOHOL & TELEPHONE 5.PUFF DAEHEE - 훔쳐보기 (PUFF DAEHEE MIX) 6.JASON LEE -

"All The Stars" from Kendrick Lamar and SZA - A Must Watch

It's just days before the release of the soundtrack for the movie Black Panther, and Kendrick Lamar has dropped the music video for his single with SZA from it, called "All the Stars."  Lamar curated the soundtrack, and before you buy it, (it's out on Friday, Feb. 9), or before you see the film, (which hits theaters on Feb. 16), you have to see the visuals for "All the Stars" on YouTube. It's beautiful and starts off with Lamar, in a boat floating through a sea of people, and then features SZA dancing through a galaxy of stars that held the shape of Africa. We see beautiful children, men in suits, dancing and women with traditional African attire. The entire visual is stunning and powerful, and at one point we actually see Lamar walking through a forest surrounded by black panthers. The music video was directed by Dave Meyers & the little homies. You can check it out below.

H1GHR MUSIC fans have more questions after label drops compilation single - "BRB"

H1GHR MUSIC returned with a new compilation single and visual on July 27. The title for the new song-- "BRB," is an acronym for "Be Right Back." The track produced by GroovyRoom and Cha Cha Malone, includes arstists HAON, Sik-K, TRADE L, BIG Naughty, pH-1, PARK HYEON JIN, JAY B and Jay Park.  The song includes the lyrics: "We'll meet again after looking around" and "H1GHR gang, no label, issa la familia." Fans are commenting under the official music video for the song, saying the lyrics are sad and appear to suggest an ending or hiatus.  The new release comes just days after rapper pH-1 deleted his posts on Instagram and after H1GHR MUSIC announced the departures of rapper Sik-K and GOT7 singer JAY B, after the expiration of their contracts. Sik-K had been with the label since its founding, while JAY B had been with H1GHR for just a year.  The South Korean label was founded by Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone in 2017. At the time, it was Park'

Jay Park Hits The Stage with Ted Park, Young Paris, Casanova & 6ix9ine During "SOJU" Release Party In New York

Fans are sharing videos from Jay Park's "SOJU" release party in New York City. The single (featuring 2 Chainz and produced by Woogie) hit online platforms around midnight (EST) on May 25th, while a crowd of supporters got 'turnt up' at SOB's in the Manhattan neighborhood of SoHo, with hip-hop artist Jay Park, performing the new single, along with some older favorites like "Mommae." On stage with him, were rappers Casanova and Tekashi 6ix9ine, along with singer Ted Park (from Jay's H1GHR MUSIC label) and afrobeats artist Young Paris - who dropped his "My Tribe" LP on May 16, with Jay Park featured on the track   "Girls Wanna Party."  Young Paris and Roc Nation have shared videos on Instagram, and Jay Park, drinking a bottle of Soju, has posted on Instagram Story, that the "night was crazy." Check out the posts below.  Also stream /purchase /download "SOJU" on TIDAL, Apple Music/iTunes, Google

BTS To Perform at New York's Citi Field as Final Stop of North American leg of World Tour - First U.S. Stadium Show for a KPOP Group

BTS fans who couldn't get tickets the first time around, now have another chance at it. The kpop group has added a performance to its North American leg of its upcoming "Love Yourself" World Tour . The seven artists will be hitting the stage at Citi Field in New York on October 6th, as the final and 15th stop in North America. Citi Field will be BTS' first stadium show in the U.S. (and it will also be a first for any kpop artist). According to tour management company Powerhouse Live, all of the other BTS concert  stops are sold out. Citi Field is home to the New York Mets. It seats up to 40,000 people and should offer plenty of room for BTS' Army. Tickets go on sale at 4 p.m. (EDT) on Friday, August 17. Ticket pricing and more, will be released on the  POWERHOUSE live website.  And ahead of the tour, BTS will be dropping a new repackaged album titled "Love Yourself: Answer" on August 24. It follows the success of their last album released in M

AOMG Announces Cities in Asia for Jay Park SEXY 4EVA World Tour

Jay Park's SEXY 4EVA World Tour will hit Asia before Europe and North America. AOMG released the dates for three cities in Asia on June 12th. They are Tokyo, Osaka and Taipei-- beginning September 16th in Japan and hitting Taiwan on September 29th. According to AOMG, tickets for Japan go on sale on June 14th at 3 p.m. (KST), plus more cities in Asia will be announced later. 09/16 (MON) TOKYO 09/19 (THU) OSAKA 09/29 (SUN) TAIPEI The SEXY 4EVA World Tour begins in Seoul, South Korea on July 6th. And after stops throughout Asia, Jay Park kicks off the European leg of the tour on October 17th, and the North American leg of the tour on November 4th. You can find more information on the official web site for the tour at UPDATE 07/03/19 - AOMG has added Singapore to the tour lineup. UPDATE 06/24/19 - AOMG has released the full lineup of cities and dates for the Asia leg of the tour. They are: 09/08 (SUN) HONG KONG 09/16 (MON) TOKYO 09/